About Us

Srdjan Repensek
Srdjan Repensek - Founder

Welcome to Web and Video Marketing!

We are a company focused on helping clients with comprehensive, state of the art, dependable website design, animation and web solutions they can always rely on. Our founder, Srdjan Repensek has been a part of the industry for more than 20 years, constantly helping clients grow their business with fully customizable marketing solutions.

Web and Video Marketing is very focused on professionalism, and we treat our customers with integrity. We have fair pricing and customizable business packages to ensure every client receives the very best results and value. On top of that, we are always expanding our services and listen to our customers to deliver the best services. We also stay up to date with the industry trends and adapt to the newest features and benefits. In the end, it allows us to offer you a much better, more professional and efficient service!

When you work with the Web and Video Marketing team, we guarantee that you will always be at the core of our project. We always outline our plans in the beginning and keep you updated throughout the entire process. Additionally, we always focus on keeping things simple and ask for your input to ensure we get to bring your vision to life in a very appropriate manner.

Why choose us?

The Web and Video Marketing team has an extensive track record of proven results and excellence. We always evolve and enhance our skills so you get to benefit from an extraordinary return on investment. Additionally, we are very communicative and consider all our clients a part of our extensive family. On top of that, we provide affordable prices and extraordinary customer support.

If you need web and video marketing solutions that are reliable, easy to use and adaptable to your needs, don’t hesitate and contact us today. Our team is always here, ready to assist!